Arab Tech Women Entrepreneurs

Posted by Manal Assaad on Saturday, October 11, 2014 In : Events 

On September 23rd, I spoke at The Arab Women In Leadership & Business Summit in Dubai on technology-based entrepreneurship. I felt quite honoured to share the stage with amazing leading women who are ministers, founders, CEOs, chairmen (chairwomen?!), and managers of international and major brands, while I was there representing only myself as The Manalyst... That made me realise even more the importance and power of technology-based entrepreneurship. When I launched my website and online bra...

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Why Women are Better Than Men

Posted by Manal Assaad on Thursday, August 7, 2014 In : Thoughts 

Men, before you start sending me hate comments, the title is just an exaggeration of some aspects in which women are better than men, rather than a factual generalizing statement that all women are better than all men :P Now that we cleared that out, you can put your chauvinistic pride aside and read on! (Relax, I'm just teasing you lol)
As I was trying to sleep, I decided to listen to something useful, and the podcast below by Freakonomicstitled “Women are not men” (DUH!), caught my att...

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A Day in My Life on Bayt Blog

Posted by Manal Assaad on Thursday, March 13, 2014 In : Social Media 

I never really thought of how I spend my work day, although many did get curious of what I actually do as a social media specialist, until Bayt, the #1 Employment site in the Middle East, asked me for a "Day in the Life..." feature in their blog. You can read the Bayt version with their own edits here, or continue to read mine below with links to my own resources:
As an independent Social Media consultant, my work days are finally how I’ve always wanted them to be. I have honestly never bee...

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Happiness is Regular Treats

Posted by Manal Assaad on Sunday, February 23, 2014 In : Thoughts 

I saw that at a costa coffee stand at the airport in Dammam, after a trip to Riyadh that had its highs and lows... And it got me thinking:

I have been recently feeling unusually happy... Not for a specific reason, but rather a general mind state of accepting my life and liking the way it is heading, including the unknown... Waking up to a cup of green tea and breakfast in the sun with good music (I seem to be stuck on the track below, try to listen to it while reading this... It's worth it!), ...

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5 reasons yoga is good for you... Lenovo Yoga!

Posted by Manal Assaad on Sunday, February 9, 2014 In : Tech & Gadgets 

Starting your day in a healthy active way is a must to ensure the rest of the day goes well… Perhaps you wake up early, work out, take a warm shower, and have a nice breakfast before you head out to work. Ideally, that’s how most of us want to start the day, but chances are, like many of us, you start your day with your phone or on your laptop!

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