Welcome to The Manalyst;

The pure creation of me, Manal Assaad. The purpose of this site that I created (obsessively) is to put my  experience, thoughts  and opinions online and share them with the rest of world (well, those who'd care).

Who is "The Manalyst"?

Just a branding fanatic, marketing enthusiast and media addict. If you want to know more about who I am, or psycho-analyze me to uncover my deepest secrets, look through my  blog, bio, work experience, media links or contact me.

Why "The Manalyst"?

It combines my first name and  what I like to do  most: analyzing. I often analyze things in an "eccentric" manner. It's my personal way of trying to figure out the world. Plus, it's cool! Just read my blog and you'll know what I mean.