I'm Manal Assaad, aka The Manalyst, a digital marketing consultant and trainer, and an experiential traveler and adventurer... If you were expecting a "Man Analyst", I'm sorry to disappoint you lol But if you're here for marketing and/or traveling, then go ahead and explore the sections below.


About Me

Curious to know who I am and what I do? Take a look at my bio to know more about me as a digital marketing consultant and a traveler, check out my work experience, or head  to my media blog for a glance of my interviews and media appearances. Looking to know more or wondering about something specific? Then just contact me!

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My Blog

Looking for some insights and tips from the business and marketing industry? Interested to know some of my personal thoughts or learn from my professional experience? You'll find that and more in my blog where I bring you updates from the latest events in the region or occasionally share my musings and hope you leave your feedback! 

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My Travels

Planning a vacation and need inspiration and tips for some new destinations? Want to escape your daily routine with some travel stories and colorful adventures? Looking for a travel blogger to promote the best of your business or country on social media? Whatever the reason, indulge yourself by reading about my travels! 

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