I am a published Scientific Researcher in academia, a recognized Social Media Specialist, experienced in the strategic planning and execution of branding, advertising, copywriting, public relations, and digital marketing activities. My most relevant work experience can be found below.

Scientific Research Associate
October 2015 - Present

As a scientific research associate, I am responsible for researching the use of social media in knowledge and learning, among other relevant topics, writing proposals on the subject and managing or consulting on related projects. I have also assisted in the creation and delivery of courses such as Social Media Apps (Fall Semester 2016). I am also the “Social Media Concept Design” work package leader in the EU-funded project STIMEY (Science, Technology, Innovation, Mathematics, Engineering for the Young; grant agreement 709515). My role focuses on the research and design of social media and gamification components, the conceptual development of the overall theme of STIMEY, the integration with the pedagogical framework, and the supervision of the technical development within the platform as the cornerstone of the learning environment. My research papers and details of my work projects can be found on my Research gate profile.

Marketing and Social Media Consultant
November 2009 - October 2015

As an independent consultant, I provide 360 degrees communication strategy and solutions, and I’ve worked with various brands such as Hellofood, Khalid Ali AlTurki & Sons Holding, Steiff, Samaco, SevenFriday, Harvey Nichols Riyadh, Kooheji Jewellery, Tamayuz Center for Learning Difficulties, and on projects such as Arabnet as an Official Ambassador, The 2nd Arab Social Media Forum that took place in Riyadh as The Official Head Ambassador where I also spoke on “Personal Branding Through Social Media”, and with Eye of Riyadh as a Social Media Project Manager. I’ve also participated as a speaker in various social media events such as with Social Media Masters Forum, And Arab Women in Business and Leadership Summit, and was interviewed by channels such as Saudi Channel 2 TV and Wamda, among others, for discussions on social media based on my expertise, and have been featured in articles and interviews in newspapers and magazines; most of which you can find my website’s media section.

Brands I worked with:


Digital Marketing Trainer
February 2014 - Present

DM3 Institute is a regional leader in the delivery of social media and digital marketing/online marketing training and certification programs. With offices in Dubai, Riyadh and Jeddah, the DM3 Institute delivers a range of programs that are designed to support economic and workforce development in the region by promoting digital marketing/online marketing as a key strategic business tool.

 As a Digital Marketing Trainer, I deliver training in Digital Strategy, Social Media, Analytics, and other digital channels to high-profile professionals and organizations in Saudi Arabia such as SABB, and SAGIA. For more details, visit my profile.

Brands I trained:


Communications Specialist
Jeddah; Saudi Arabia.
August 2010 - June 2012


Medialogy Group is a Public Relations firm in Jeddah with sister companies in the advertising and production fields. As a Communications Specialist, I set strategies for various brands on how to convey their messages to the target audience in Saudi Arabia across different communication channels.

 Most prominently, I assisted big brands, such as Mikyajy, Steak House, Piatto, Frico and Majid Society on strategically benefiting from their social networks, and other brands on launching their social media activities based on well-thought out strategies to realize their PR objectives. The main aim from PR through Social Media is not to accumulate likes and follows, but to ascertain an image in the minds of a genuine audience through online communications… by creating and maintaining engaging relevant conversations around the brands.

Brands I worked with:

Marketing Account Manager
Dammam; Saudi Arabia.
August 2010 - December 2010

I've had the pleasure of working with Takween Solutions as a Marketing Account Manager since beginning of August. Inspired by their creativity and love for work, I joined the team to manage clients' accounts and assist in the internal and external development of Takween in marketing and management. One of the top clients I worked with at Takween was Aramco where I successfully proposed a brand name for one of their events, and assisted our designing team in building the identity. Belonging to an energetic and enthusiastic talented team was really a joy!

Brands I worked with:


Marketing Adviser
Dammam; Saudi Arabia.
April 2009 - June 2010

As a Marketing Adviser at Promax Media Company, Dammam -KSA, that specializes in corporate identity, my job entailed giving recommendations on all matters involving clients' marketing needs, customer relationship management, public relations, and internal management. I also handled copy writing of branding, slogans, and detailed corporate profiles in English and Arabic, and I often also provided translation services.  I also assisted in new companies' strategic planning by setting their corporate missions, visions and goals. Furthermore, I devised the strategic social media plan for Promax to gain a foothold in digital marketing, and co-planned for it to take on a stronger role in communications.

Brands I worked with:


English Lecturer
Dammam; Saudi Arabia.
March 2008 - June 2009

Teaching Pre-Intermediary English with modern methods that I devised and applied; my classes always had the highest grades’ rates, and highest students’ demands for enrollment. My teaching method involves activities pertaining to students’ young ages and their interests, making the process of learning a fun and beneficial interaction rather than a heavy chore. I’m always innovating in lessons’ delivery by including various presentation aids such as audio (social conversations, recorded interviews, etc.), video (movie clips, commercials, converted powerpoint slides, etc), and interactive exercises such as games and roleplay. I also encourage my students to widen their knowledge to other related areas of study by engaging in internet researches, social reports, and recreational projects.


Account Executive
Khobar; Saudi Arabia
February  2007 - September 2008

In the beginning of my marketing career, I handled a lot of responsibilities and tasks which helped in shaping me and my future to set me for a bigger role.

I got much experience developing campaigns according to clients' objectives and goals after I met with them and helped bring both our visions together. After I developed the campaigns, I worked on implementing, managing and optimizing them in line with the set goals. Throughout campaigns, I would provide regular reports on their status, strategy and performance, both internally to management and to clients. I'd also keep making  recommendations along the way whenever there was needs for update or a change in strategy and tactics.

Along with campaign management, I arranged for effective distribution of marketing materials and performed day-to-day liaison with Management, Creative, Production, Media, and vendors (printing house, etc. where applicable) to assure that all tasks concur with campaign objectives. I also managed the production of marketing materials, including product slogans, leaflets, flyers, brochures; sales aids and other promotional literature. That involved copy writing and proofreading in English and Arabic, and liaising with designers and printers. To make sure that campaigns were developed according to clients' preferences and needs, I assumed ongoing project-related communication and presentations, and ensured effective account management by regular communication with clients.

Brands I worked with: