Marketing Research, Strategy and Consultation


With my rich background in marketing and communications, I devise strategies for brands to utilize social media and other marketing tools to achieve their goals. With methodological research of your brand assessment, your competitors, your industry and your target audience, you can make better marketing decisions based on proven results  rather than a "hit-and-miss" strategy.

I can also assist in the execution of the strategy through continuous project management, combined with training for your team, until you're well equipped to handle things on your own.

Even if you already have a strategy and a skilled team in place, but think you may need some local market insights or help in customizing your branding, marketing and public relations to your target audience, and more... The sum of my skills, knowledge and connections can be put to your advantage through consultation, so don't hesitate to contact me.

Social Media and Digital Marketing Training


Having social media skills in this digital era has become a necessity in most industries and fields. While you may find abundant social media knowledge and case studies on the internet, having actionable insights designed specifically as per your needs is a must and not that easily available online. 

A customized training program conducted by an expert digital marketing practitioner such as myself to answer your questions and guide you on spot will make your learning process easier and much more organized, whether you're looking to get updates on the social media scene, most popular or tending social networks, and usages of social media by your target audience, learn how to successfully devise the strategy of your own brand, or strategy for your clients' brands if you're an agency, or gain the necessary skills to utilize social media in a specific area such as customer service, product launches, events marketing, employee engagement and participation, etc. 

I specialize in designing and conducting training programs in the soft skills of social media strategy and management of Facebook, Twitter, InstagramLinkedin, among others. Whatever your needs may be, we can work together on designing a training program that will give the trainees a good grasp of social media for business, and leave them well informed and skilled to manage your brand's online presence effectively.