Pink is Freedom: The Nokia N8


My favorite colors are red and black as someone who've always sought out passion and power. However when I was designing my personal brand about a year and a half ago red and black didn't feel to have the right touch. In a shocking twist it was pink with black that felt very inspiring to me I say "shocking" because everyone who knew me knew that I was an anti-pink girl. Ever since I launched my website my branding identity and my online activity I experienced growth more than I have ever imagined, reaching a state of independence and… freedom.

Being also a branding fanatic, you bet I like to make sure that everything about me reflects my personal brand. That's why I was excited about getting hold of the new Nokia N8, priding itself on being pink. It's been the lightest device I've owned and it's been very easy carrying it around and using it for hours. And look how awesome its picture looks in my blog :P it looks even better with my business card!

As someone who is addicted to taking pictures with my phone wherever I go, the N8 has been quite practical to use as a digital camera especially with its 12MP camera and many photo editing tools. Compared to the HTC Desire and Desire Z that my friend and I carry for personal use, the photos of the N8 had much more vibrant colors and were sharper and more detailed. For photography hobbyists, such as my friend @flopjoke who carries the older (blue) N8, the mobile camera is just amazing to use in different conditions to get great results and memories that lasts. Below is one of his photos with the caption: "Just spotted a blue BMW Z4 in Khobar. The large sensor in Nokia N8's camera helps a lot in low light!"


The N8 was also easy to play games with because of its practical size and weight, and it came equipped with a free version of Seasons Angry Birds, i.e. hours wasted in pig bashing :P. I must say my friends also kept bugging me about borrowing it to play Angry Birds and Need For Speed which was very amusing to play with this phone. In terms of applications, which is a critical part for me when it comes to mobiles, N8 Pink comes equipped with the basic apps from Ovi. The most app I was looking forward to having again in a Nokia phone is the Nokia Email Messaging where I can add multiple Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo email accounts in the same app. Otherwise I have to set up each email account in a different app and it gets really annoying to update all of them and remember to check them all.

The phone is also great to use for social networking but only if you intend to just browse around and read updates because personally I wouldn't depend on just a touch phone for heavy typing, messaging and social updating… and I'm a heavy social updater so I can never disregard having a tactile QWERTY keyboard. It would be a bit more appropriate to at least have a QWERTY touch keyboard which you only have in landscape mode of the N8 but not the portrait mode. Typing in portrait mode with the old style keyboard just brought up bad memories of hours of key pressing in the old days lol

Now let's talk about the key issue here: The Pink Nokia N8 ad…

WTH is up with that?! The funny thing is that on the same day that I saw that ad on youtube and was thinking how weird it is, I got the mobile. The ad is trying to communicate a powerful or liberated image of barbie girls, maybe to embrace their womanhood and eccentricity… and that's what the phone is all about?! Correct me, if I'm wrong, with a comment!