How Do You Evaluate Yourself

I had a long thorough job interview, after which I was trying to assess if what I reflected was good, good enough, or not good at all, and if what the interviewer thought of me how I thought of myself, and it brought me back to many similar situations where I wondered how I see myself as opposed to how others are seeing me, then I started thinking: 

How we evaluate the things we do and say is based on our own mentality and understanding... Sometimes that’s good, because we are able to reflect on our own actions and adjust as we see fit until our actions reflect our intentions; and it helps us shut the negative false assessments of those around us. Yet sometimes it’s bad, because if we can’t account for how others think of us then we will just be trapped in what we think is best, rather than what actually works, and we won’t be able to make use of the true assessments of those around us that can actually help us be better.

What makes it even more complicated is also how we view ourselves as opposed to how others view us. There are people who are self-conceited, thinking that everything they do is perfection, disregarding the flaws that others keep pointing out in their thinking and actions. And there are those who are self-conscious, always feeling that they don’t measure up to what everyone else think of them... They don’t think they are smart enough, pretty enough, brave enough, thin enough, etc. If they are always left to evaluate themselves, is it a wonder that their assessment is always negative! 

recent psychology study showed that we tend to be happier if we think we are good looking, rather than if we actually are in fact good looking. So basically, how we evaluate ourselves is what sets our future actions, how we live our life and how we feel. So I ask, how do you evaluate yourself:

1- Do you just reflect upon your own actions and determine whether your performance is good or bad? Then how do you make sure you don’t fall into the faults of your own thinking?

2- Do you listen to people who know you and discuss your actions with them so they’d help you evaluate your performance? If so, who’s to say that they are the best evaluate you?

Let me hear your thoughts!