Why Women are Better Than Men

Men, before you start sending me hate comments, the title is just an exaggeration of some aspects in which women are better than men, rather than anfactual generalizing statement that all women are better than all men :P Now that we cleared that out, you can put your chauvinistic pride aside and read on! (Relax, I'm just teasing you lol)

As I was trying to sleep, I decided to listen to something useful, and the podcast below by Freakonomics, titled “Women are not men” (DUH!), caught my attention... The episode covers research resultsnof studies done on the differences between men and women from an economic and social stance, and it got me thinking...

To summarize what particularly caught my attention in the podcast, and on what my title is based:

Women can be more competitive than man, but aren't!

image credit:  ollyy  via  iStock

image credit: ollyy via iStock

But that’s only because they are brought up in cultures with male-dominance, such as liberal Western societies as well as African tribes where women have absolutely no rights (and where a woman is worth 10 cows!). However, in cultures where women are treated as dominants and have superior rights, they tend to be more competitive than men, even at a higher percentage than men in male-dominant cultures.

So the conclusion is: Competitiveness isn’t particularly a matter of (male) nature, but rather an effect of nurture.

The question is: Do we really want women to be more competitive? Wouldn’t competitiveness trigger aggression?

Women arennot so happy in this modern world

Credit: Loyall Sewall/www.jupiterimages.com

Credit: Loyall Sewall/www.jupiterimages.com

Although women, in most liberal societies, are now having more choices in life and more rights, and enjoying more benefits from the improvement of their academic, social, professional and economic status, they are less happy than they were before the liberalist/feminist revolution in the 1970s. Logically, women should be happier as they havenachieved a higher/freer status than they had in the past, but they are not, andnno one knows why. Some researchers speculate that it is perhaps they are stillnmaking less money than men, even at the same jobs, because they don’t negotiatenfor better salaries, and as previously stated, they don’t compete as much.

So the conclusion is: Women were happier in simpler times, with fewer choices and less confrontation.

The question is: Would more money make women happier? Is it not believed that money doesn't buy happiness, yet rich people tend to be happier than poor people?

Women are catching up to men, except in crime

In so many aspects, women are finally enjoying the same life as men, and having similar rights, yet they are far from committing as many criminal offences as men. In the US, 75% to 80% of criminalnoffences are committed by men, and only two criminal offences have more femalenoffenders than male offenders… Can you guess which two?! Well, prostitution (go figure!), and runaways (juveniles reported as having run away from home). There is still no explanation as to why women are committing less crimes than men… Or is it perhaps because they are too smart to get caught :P.

So the conclusion is: Even though women are becoming more like men, in the way they live their lives, they are still far less likely to commit crimes.

The question is: What is it that drive men to commit crimes, and that women seem to be immune to?

Before you answer any/all of the questions above, let me leave you with some other research results that were shared in the podcast:

  • Men are less likely to do favors for others.
  • Men are less likely to wash their hands.
  • Men are less likely to answer a question with “I don’t know” when they really don’t know the answer.

So, is it just me, or do women seem to be better than men?! And guys, do me a favor and go wash your hands, and then answer my questions only if you know :P

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