FlyDubai to Georgia - Lopota Lake Resort

FlyDubai has recently launchednits Business Class and Lounge, as well as some new exciting travel destinations, including Georgia, which I was invited to experience and I gladly did. I had just been back a day from my thrilling, but exhausting, trip to Sri Lanka and I was definitely in need of some pampering and relaxation!

Before this trip, I had not really heard much about Georgia and I didn't know what to expect, but a true traveler is never reluctant to head into a new destination and a new adventure! In just 4 days, I learnt quite a lot about Georgian history and heritage, and got to see some of its beauty; you can see it in the video above, then read on to know more.

I started my trip on June 21st, from Dammam to Dubai for a connecting flight to Tbilisi (Georgia), on FlyDubai's newly launched Business Class. I was welcome with a drink, a complimentary snack meal, and the best part was getting the fast-track invitation that lets business class passengers speed their way through the airport by presenting the card at the immigration desk, on arrival at Dubai International's Terminal 2... Which is another reason I love FlyDubai, as their flights land in Terminal 2 that's smaller and less crowded than the other two terminals.

flydubai business class

flydubai business class

My connecting flight had an 8 hours layover at Dubai International Airport; if you have the option, then you can take that time to leave the airport and chill in Dubai for a few hours till it's time for departure to Tbilisi. I stayed at the airport in FlyDubai's Business Lounge, and I tell you, time flies by when you're sitting comfortably, with all the complimentary food you want, your laptop with one of your favorite shows, and free fast WIFI... What more would one need, right?!

The flight from Dubai to Tbilisi is around 3 hours and 20 minutes, taking off at 2 am and arriving at 5:20 am. Here's some important info: Tbilisi Airport has some currency exchange desks but they don't exchange Saudi Riyals, so make sure you exchange your money before getting to Georgia, preferably to USD, so you don't have to draw money from the ATM to get local currency, like I did, as the exchange/withdrawal rate is high through the ATM.

By the time I arrived to Tbilisi, I had been awake since I woke up at 7 am the day before, and our first destination in Georgia was about 2 hours away from airport... Basically, by the time I got to our destination, I hadn't slept for over 24 hours, so I was falling asleep while standing... But that all didn't matter as soon as I got to see where we are staying: Lopota Lake Resort

lopota lake resort, georgia.

lopota lake resort, georgia.

The resort is located around a serene lake surrounded by beautiful green mountains, known as Lopota Valley. It is a really a magical place, where you can just forget all of life's troubles, and forget that anywhere else exists. The resort has different types of hotels, the oldest and most popular is the one on the left bank... which looks exquisite in winter as it does in summer!

What makes the stay at this resort perfect is that it has so many activities that can keep you easily busy, yet relaxed, for as long as you like. At the resort, you can enjoy playing tennis or mini golf, swimming in the pools, fishing or boat-pedaling in the lake, cycling, and horse-riding and have a good time at their other facilities like the jacuzzi, entertainment room, and restaurant. You can even do some forest/mountain trekking.

Maha -Founder of Crystal Magazine, and other guest on this trip- and I had quite a nice time at the resort, boat-pedaling together, and having our own photoshoot in the middle of lake (See example below :P) but we both agreed that this was the kind of romantic getaway for couples, or even couples with kids who can get busy with the different fun activities while their parents relax.

We stayed only one night at the resort, and resting at such a quiet and gorgeous place was much needed and appreciated before we started our journey to explore other parts... Be sure to subscribe to my blog to not miss the upcoming posts about Georgia!